Cini Gannon-Robb

Mrs. Robb is a resident of Rancho Santa Fe. Her passion is animals. Her animal family includes 20 birds, one cat, and eight Dachshunds. She has been a long supporter of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, spcaLA and various other animal organizations. She has served on the board of the FACE Foundation since its inception and believes passionately in its commitment to “saving pets and helping families.” She also works actively in the field of addiction and has served on the Board of Directors of the Hazelden Betty Ford Center for over a decade. She is married to Ira, who supports her in all her endeavors.

Why Cini loves FACE:

“Imagine that your family pet has a life threatening critical or emergent illness or injury.
Imagine that you cannot afford to save his or her life.
Imagine telling your family that because you do not have the money to save him or her that euthanasia is the only answer.
Imagine the impact of that decision on your family.
With the FACE Foundation there is help, hope and healing.”