Zoe M.

This pretty Pittie is FACE grantee “Zoe!” Zoe had been with her family for almost 5 years when she suddenly became very sick. Her normally playful self was lethargic and when she began vomiting her family knew they had to bring her in to be seen by a vet. Turns out, Zoe had a foreign body that was preventing her from eating and without immediate surgery to remove it she would not survive. Her pet parents were already struggling with credit card debts so that was not an option for them and they had no savings, they soon began to expect the worst. Fortunately for them, Animal Emergency Clinic of San Diego is a Save-A-Life partner with FACE and told them they would be great candidates to apply for financial assistance. Thankfully, FACE was able to help them afford this life-saving procedure and in no time at all Zoe was out of surgery and back to her happy and healthy self.