Yoshi S.

This big baby is “Yoshi!” Yoshi is the center of his “dad’s” world and he knows it. Yoshi suddenly came down with IVDD, a spine disease that was making it difficult for him to use his legs. This transition into being crippled was also very painful for Yoshi. His dad owned a rehabilitation center for recovering alcoholics and he himself was once addicted to alcohol. Even though he was self-employed, business had been slow and he was not earning nearly enough to pay for the surgery Yoshi needed to be able to walk again. He couldn’t imagine putting Yoshi to sleep, especially because he had helped him stick with his sobriety. FACE’s Save-A-Life partner Veterinary Specialty Hospital told Yoshi’s dad about our foundation and urged him to apply, he didn’t have many options left. Luckily, FACE was able to provide the funds Yoshi’s dad needed to save his best friend!

Special thanks to Life Sponsor SaveThisLife.com for helping FACE assist Yoshi and his family through this difficult time!
FACE is also grateful for the generous Community Enhancement grant from San Diego County that made this possible!