Wally B.

FACE Success Story “Wally” had the life right out of a fairy tale. He was adopted from Helen Woodward animal shelter as a puppy and was the “only child” that his parents loved to shower with love and affection. Things couldn’t get any better until one day when Wally happily jumped from the bed and broke his little leg. His concerned parents spent hundreds of dollars to see what was wrong and when they heard the estimate for Wally’s much-needed surgery they froze in fear. Wally’s “mom” was in the Navy and her husband had just separated from the Navy and was unemployed at the time. They had no way of coming up with that kind of money at once. They asked what else they could do and luckily, their hospital-Pet Emergency and Specialty Center-is part of FACE’s Save-A-Life program and they referred this family to our foundation. With a little luck and a lot of support from our generous donors, FACE was able to pay for Wally’s surgery! Now Wally and his family get to live happily ever after! Thanks PESC for being a FACE Life Sponsor.