Twynkie is a 4 year old Chihuahua who is sweet as can be! Twynkie and her Chihuahua sibling enjoyed being the center of their “mom’s” world until she had to move in with her dad after becoming unemployed. Twynkie’s mom soon rescued another dog and although they were not the best of friends, her mom never expected what happened next. Just a few weeks after being brought into its new home, the rescue dog attacked Twynkie and left her badly injured. Twynkie was going to need emergency surgery to bandage up the lacerations on her little body and repair her broken jaw. Her mom didn’t know what to do, she already was completely dependent on her father, but she knew he was retired and lived off a fixed income, there was no way he could afford the surgery. Luckily, FACE’s Save-A-Life partner VCA ASG sent them to our foundation and we were able to pay for Twynkie’s life-saving treatment!