Tortilla is a Labrador/Retriever mix that was rescued from the Humane Society as a young pup. From what her “dad” says, she then rescued him in return. Tortilla’s dad is a young veteran who is on disability from when he served in the Army three years ago. He is unable to work, and fighting for custody of his daughter who lives out of state. Surviving off of disability checks and still making monthly child support payments, Tortilla’s dad barely has enough left over to pay for his and Tortilla’s food. “Tilla,” as he lovingly refers to her, is his only family. This past Fourth of July, Tortilla ran off from fear of fireworks and went missing all weekend. Her dad found her in the Humane Society and had to pay a fee to get her out. The Humane Society informed him that Tortilla had been hit by a car and was in a lot of pain due to a broken leg. Her dad immediately reached out to friends to pay for the x-rays Tortilla needed. Soon all funds were exhausted. Without the money to repair her leg, Tortilla’s dad would be left with only one very difficult decision. Not knowing how else he could help her, Tortilla’s dad reached out to FACE for some assistance. Thanks to the Animal Farm Foundation, FACE was able to pay for Tortilla’s surgery! Since her surgery, Tortilla’s dad has reported that she is recovered and happier than ever!

Tortilla Staiger Photo 3