We expect that many of you are familiar with Tony the Tiger who said the famous words, ‘They’re Grrrreat!’ when he tasted a new breakfast cereal. We have our own Tiger and we expect that he’s proclaiming, ‘I’m Grrrreat!’ now that he has recovered from a medical emergency. Here’s Tiger’s story.


Tiger, a very handsome tabby, entered Nancy and Elijah’s life about eighteen months ago when he showed up at their home and didn’t leave. They didn’t adopt him. He adopted them! In late April, Tiger (who had always used his litter box) started to leak urine. That led to a visit to the veterinarian the next day and crystals were found in his urine. Unfortunately, while the bladder was being flushed with a catheter, it ruptured. Not only was the bladder inflamed but there was a tear that needed to be surgically repaired. Nancy and Elijah continued to be concerned when Tiger remained lethargic and didn’t have an appetite. That meant it was time to return to a veterinary clinic where it was determined that urine was leaking from the bladder into the abdomen. Tiger needed to be hospitalized for two to three days with a catheter in place to relieve pressure and to allow the bladder to heal. Nancy and Elijah needed help with the ever increasing medical bills. That’s when FACE Foundation stepped in to help.


We are pleased to report that Tiger is doing very well. In fact, Nancy says that he doesn’t seem to want them out of his sight these days. One of his favorite places to hang out is on top of the dresser in the bedroom. He jumps to the top with ease, takes an occasional sip of water from the bamboo plant on the dresser, gazes through a nearby window at all the birds flying in the sky, and if he isn’t watch Nancy and Elijah sleep, he’s certain to be cuddling with them in the bed. Yes, Tiger feels ‘Grrreeat’!