Tiger J.

Meet “Tiger” and her beloved family! Tiger was rescued as a kitten eight years ago and has been a special part of her family ever since. Tiger is mostly indoors but sometimes enjoys lounging on the patio to get some sun. One day, Tiger made the mistake of venturing into her neighborhood and was attacked by a dog, leaving her with a broken leg. Her family was frantic to get her some help. The vet told them an amputation was the only way to save her and when they heard the cost of the surgery they were devastated. Tiger was considered a family member but they knew they could not afford this treatment. Luckily, Save-A-Life partner Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in Chula Vista encouraged them to apply for FACE funding. Tiger still had so much to live for and the family would be heartbroken if they had to say goodbye to her. Because FACE had received a generous grant from Lil BUB with the ASPCA, we were able to help this family save Tiger!