“Sonnee” is just about the cutest kitty you will ever see! This happy-go-lucky 9 month old short hair was rescued from a shelter only a few months ago by his “mom.” Sonnee’s mom loves animals and has a few other rescue animals that she has taken into her care. When Sonnee went out for a daily stroll one night and didn’t come back, his mom feared the worst and went out looking for him. She was relieved to find him under a bush but quickly panicked when she realized he was unable to stand. The vet reported Sonnee had a fractured pelvis and would need surgery or the most humane option would be to put him to sleep. His mom was devastated and scrambled to find a way to come up with the money to save her kitty’s life. She had heard about FACE Foundation and took a chance by reaching out to us. Turns out, we had just received a grant from the Charles and Ruth Billingsley Foundation so we were able to fund Sonnee’s surgery! Sonnee is no longer allowed outside but he gets to continue soaking up all the love his mom has to offer.