Sasha R.

Sasha is a beautiful 5 year old Cocker spaniel who shares her home with a kitty sibling. Together, they enjoy the love and affection of their human parents. Both of their parents work but are recovering from when Sasha’s mom was unemployed for a year. Not only that, but they were in debt from taxes and were struggling to become financial stable. One day, Sasha began showing signs of paralysis and her parents’ worst fears were confirmed when her vet told them she would need a surgery that cost thousands of dollars. They were heartbroken. They had savings to pay for some of, but not all, of the surgery. Lucky for them, Save-A-Life partner California Veterinary Specialists referred them to FACE and we were able to help them with the rest of the surgery cost to save Sasha’s life! Special thanks to Life Sponsor Shepherd Kaplan LLC.