Sally N.

Sally is a sweet senior dog who-to everyone’s surprise-became pregnant and soon struggled through a difficult labor. She was unable to birth her puppies on her own and it was soon determined she needed an emergency C-section or she was at high risk of passing away. Her human dad was an active Marine and his wife was not working at the time, they were barely getting by with only one source of income. Dreading what could happen, they reached out to everyone they could for some extra help. Luckily, the FACE Foundation answered their prayers by providing the additional funds they needed to pay for Sally’s surgery! FACE would like to thank the Drake family for being a Life Sponsor and making all of this possible. A few words of gratitude from Sally’s family: “Thank you so very much from our entire family. We couldn’t have saved her without the foundation’s help. She’s been a part of our family for almost 12 years and even though we all know her time is coming, we are not ready to lose her. You guys were amazing!” Special thanks to Save-A-Life partner Surfside Animal Hospital for working with FACE to help this doggie and her family!