Hiba adopted Sace during a time in her life when she really needed a friend. After losing her father, Hiba suffered emotionally, struggled in school, and faced financial hardships. Hiba credits Sace with helping her get through this difficult time. Sace became her best friend, teaching her the value of patience, that it is okay to not see results right away, and to be fearless.

When Sace injured his leg, Hiba’s heart broke to see him whimper of pain.  The team at Pet Emergency & Specialty Center determined that Sace needed a fracture repair to save his life, but after paying for the exam and diagnostics, Hiba could not afford the cost of the surgery. Even though his condition was treatable, Sace faced economic euthanasia if Hiba couldn’t afford his surgery. Thankfully, the veterinarian referred Hiba to FACE. Thanks to our generous supports and Life Sponsor Ruggable, Sace was able to get the surgery he needed and these besties got to stay together.