Meet Rusty! Rusty is an adorable 8 year old rescue Doxie who was a Christmas gift to his owner’s son. Rusty has spent 8 wonderful years with his family, but earlier this year he developed some serious medical issues.

One day, Rusty’s family could not find him anywhere. They looked under the bed and found him trembling in pain. They finally coaxed him out to find that he was dragging his two back legs and could not walk. Rusty’s family knew something must be horribly wrong with their boy, so they rushed him to the hospital where it was discovered he had a slipped disc. This disc was pressing on his spinal cord, causing his hind legs to become immobile. If a surgery wasn’t preformed immediately to help Rusty, he would have been paralyzed for life.

Rusty’s family was heartbroken, and didn’t know where to turn for help with his surgery. After some recent job losses and dealing with a critically ill family member in the home, the cost of Rusty’s treatment wasn’t something they could afford. Hearing of their struggles, Rusty’s veterinarian referred his family to FACE. Thankfully, with the help of Veterinary Specialty Hospital FACE was able to help provide funding for Rusty’s life-saving surgery.

Special thanks to FACE Life Sponsor the ASPCA for helping to save Rusty.