Roxie W.

This adorable Chihuahua was abandoned in a box at a parking lot when she was just a puppy. Lucky for her, a loving family found her, named her “Roxie” and made her the heart of their home. It’s been a difficult year since then, Roxie’s “mom” has been out of work and she relies on cash aid and food stamps to support her 3 young children. Through the ups and downs, Roxie has kept the family happy. Roxie soon became pregnant and was taken to the vet when she was having difficulty birthing the puppies. Her mom didn’t hesitate to spend every last dollar she had until she had nothing left to give. Roxie still needed an emergency cesarean section surgery to get the puppies out, without this procedure she was at risk of her losing her young life. With the help of Save-A-Life partner Pet Hospital of North Park, FACE was able to grant this family the funds they needed to save Roxie’s life!