When 12-week-old Rocky’s tummy didn’t agree with the new treats his owner gave him, he promptly threw them up. Unfortunately, part of a treat got stuck in Rocky’s lung, giving him pneumonia and causing him a lot of pain. His veterinarian put him on antibiotics but Rocky’s little body wasn’t strong enough to fight the infection. The only way Rocky could survive was to have part of his infected lung removed. Rocky’s heartbroken owner just couldn’t afford his life-saving surgery. This left her with euthanasia as the only other option to ease his suffering. FACE learned about this case and was able to step in and help save Rocky’s life! Rocky went into surgery that evening and was back in his owner’s arms three days later. After a few check ups, Rocky was deemed happy and healthy. He was soon back to doing what puppies do bestó eating, sleeping, playing and looking cute!

‘I have the best news! I was so upset last night and prayed and begged for Rocky to get well. This afternoon I got a call and was told that FACE had decided to fund Rocky’s surgery and after care!…I’m so grateful and so relieved.’ –Brandishea Christian