Meet Regina! Regina is an 8 year old mixed breed who has been in her ‘parents’ lives for over 7 years. She has always been a healthy dog, so when she started acting very sick one day, her owners knew something was wrong. It turned out that Regina had GDV or ‘bloat,’ which is a serious condition common in large breed dogs. Dog expert Jenna Stregowski explains: ‘This is a life-threatening situation that occurs when the stomach fills with gas and/or food, expands, and then rotates, trapping gas inside the stomach and cutting off blood supply to the stomach and spleen. As pressure in the stomach builds up and cannot be released, the stomach tissue becomes necrotic (dies) and the stomach can even rupture. The expansion of the stomach also has a serious effect on the heart and lungs, causing difficulty breathing and abnormal heart rhythm. Most dogs will go into shock soon after the signs of GDV are seen. Death can occur within a matter of hours (or less).’ Time was of the essence for Regina, but her parents could not afford the full cost of the surgery that was needed to save her life. After going through a major illness resulting in job loss and bankruptcy, her owner’s simply did not have the money needed for her treatment. Thankfully, they reached out to FACE who was able to approve their request for a life-saving grant.