12-years-old Pip has been a source of great comfort and companionship to her family. Pip’s “mom” is permanently disabled and relies on a fixed income to make ends meet. Pip was an otherwise healthy dog, but recently developed a life-threatening uterine disease and needed emergency surgery ASAP. After exhausting all of her resources, Pip’s mom still needed help to save her beloved pet. Fortunately, she was referred to FACE. Huge thanks goes to The Grey Muzzle Organization for helping to fund Pip’s life-saving care!

Pip’s mom also wrote a nice thank you in recognition of the support she received, “Thank you to FACE for funding Pip’s life-saving surgery. Even though I was only partially able to pay, due to disability and limited funds, losing Pip was not an option. When I found out that FACE and Clairemont Village Pet Clinic were able to help, all I could do was hug our doctor and thank everyone for the part they played.”