Noodle B.

Meet FACE Success Story “Noodle!” This beautiful Dachshund has had one medical emergency after another. Her human mom went into debt without hesitation when Noodle needed to have complete knee surgery earlier this year. Two weeks later, poor Noodle came down with a spine disease that required immediate vet care or she would become paralyzed. Her “mom” was on a fixed income and had already stretched herself thin from the previous vet bill, now there was nothing she could do to come up with the funds to save Noodle’s life. Luckily, Save-A-Life partner Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Marcos recognized that this family would be great FACE candidates so they encouraged her to apply for assistance. What started out as a dark day ended with a happy ending, FACE was able to pay for Noodle’s surgery with the help of Life Sponsor SKY Facial Plastic Surgery, Inc.!