Moses, a lovable Yorkshire Terrier mix, needed immediate surgery after being hit by a car. Moses and his owner had been outside feeding the homeless, as was their normal routine, when Moses got free and was struck. Mosesí owner John was horrified as he watched his best friend get hit by a car that did not even bother to stop. John rushed Moses to the vet, where he was told that Mosesí injuries were so severe, that he should put Moses to sleep. Luckily, John was guided to the FACE Foundation, and after extensive surgery, Moses is back at home with his loving owner.

ìI prayed all day for God to lead me through the situation. I trusted in the Lord and he directed me right to FACE. Praise the Lord that Moses lives and is as good as he was before he got hit by the car. I wish to thank all who had a part in helping Moses survive.î