Mickey Bright Eyes

Meet “Mickey Bright Eyes!” This sweet, older girl lives with her “mom” and loves to lay back and relax with the other kitty in the house. One day, Mickey’s mom noticed that her eye appeared very swollen and was painful. After taking her to the vet, Humane Vet Hospital of San Diego noticed she had severe trauma to the eye. It was decided that Mickey needed emergency surgery to remove the eye as it was not savable and causing her too much pain. Mickey’s mom is on a fixed Social Security income and was unable to afford this medical emergency, so she asked FACE for assistance. By partnering with the Humane Vet Hospital of San Diego, FACE was able to  help. Now, Mickey is back home with her mom and kitty friend!

Thank you to FACE Save-A-Life Partner Humane Vet Hospital of San Diego (www.vetsandiego.com) for helping to save Mickey Bright Eyes!