Max P.

Meet Max! This sweet doxi was suffering from a disc herniation in his little back, and needed emergency surgery to save his life. He belongs to a dedicated military couple, who are expecting twins later this year. FACE knew we had to help, and thanks to our donors and the Veterinary Specialty Hospital, Max is back at home recovering, and looking forward to being a ‘big brother!’

FACE received a very touching and heartfelt thank-you letter from Max’s neighbor that we would like to share with our wonderful followers..

Dear FACE Foundation: 

Max, from your story below, is my downstairs neighbor. I know firsthand how worthy he is. He is the sweetest little doxi, whose eyes hypnotize anyone who looks into them. There is much to be said about the affections from a dog. He had me at our first encounter. He comes to my door, even when I am not home, to wait patiently for a scratch and a hello. It makes me smile, when I am home, to hear his little paws bounding up the mountain of stairs, knowing at any second his little face will be straining to see through the security door.

Lately, he had not had enough energy to come up the stairs, not even the willingness to look up. His back and neck were sore, and mostly he would just cry and freeze up in pain. I would go downstairs to say hello so he didn’t have the strain of coming up. His parents did all the right things, vets, x-rays, tender care to move him gently when he couldn’t move on his own. It was so torturous to hear him cry and to watch the faces of his parents, who felt helpless. 

Max stopped eating because it was too painful to walk to the food dish. It was as if he was giving up. I was with Max’s mom when she heard the news of Max needing surgery. I saw the life drain from her and heard her say…’How are we going to do this?’ Even though I sensed a desperation that moment, I also saw the fight in her eyes. She would not, they would not, give up on Max. 

I know that when you and your organization help out families in need, pets in need, that you have little time to get to know them, little time to make a decision- but that you take it on faith that you are making the right decision. 

You did. You made the right decision. Ben and Hollee are just average people, with average income, trying to survive like the rest of us. They love Max and Molly Sue (their other doxi) more than anything. I am a woman of faith already; I have a strong spiritual belief that everything happens for a reason. What you did for Ben and Hollee, what you did for Max- only strengthens my faith that there really are still good people in the world. Thank you for your generosity.

You will be happy to know that when Max came home from surgery with the little cone around his neck so he couldn’t get at his sutures, and he looked up at me from downstairs- tail wagging, he did not cry…

But I did.