This little angel is “Leo!” Leo is a happy and healthy 2 year old kitty who loves getting into mischief with his big brother Lewy. Leo had a history of getting urinary obstructions but with proper treatment they always went away in time. Well one day things took a turn for the worst and the illness threatened to claim his young life when he became completely obstructed. His “mom” panicked as she realized it was a race against time to get him the surgery he needed. Seeing how distraught she was after hearing how much the procedure would cost, a concerned vet tech advised her to reach out to FACE for help. In a letter to FACE, Leo’s mom wrote, “I saw for the first time that day a glimmer of hope for my baby and me and I knew I had to fight for more time with him.” Her efforts paid off when FACE informed her that she had been approved for a grant for Leo! Mom and big brother Lewy are more than happy that their little family is once again safe and sound.