Kitty R.

“Kitty” was an outdoor cat that appeared on her human mom’s farm one day over a year ago and has stuck around since. She hunts mice in the barn and in return her adopted “mom” repays her with a regular meal. Kitty’s mom became concerned when Kitty went missing for two days, and when she returned she had no interest in eating. Kitty was taken to the vet and it was found that she had a dislocation. Poor Kitty was in so much pain, her mom knew she had to get her treatment or humanely end her suffering. The only problem was, as much as Kitty’s mom wanted to pay for the surgery, she had no way of coming up with it in time. Seeing how distressed she was, Save A Life partner VCA Animal Medical Center in El Cajon knew this was a case for the FACE Foundation. Luckily, FACE was able to approve Kitty for the funds she needed! Now, this feisty girl is back and stronger than ever, promising to be the best mouse hunter her mom has ever had.