Khaki G.

Meet “Khaki!” Khaki is a super-friendly little dude who is adored by his entire family. Khaki had a history of being susceptible to painful urinary blockages and after many frequent trips to the hospital to receive catheter treatments, he eventually became completely blocked one day. Without the surgery to unblock him, Khaki would be in terrible pain until his body would eventually go into shock from not being able to release urine. Khaki’s “dad” and everyone in his family either went to school or had a job but they were not financially prepared to pay a hefty veterinary bill up-front. Khaki’s “dad” still had many vet bills he was paying off from Khaki’s previous hospitalizations and was not able to pay for the entire surgery. His girlfriend’s mother was kind enough to lend him her CARE Credit but they still came up short. When he reached out to FACE we knew there was nothing he wouldn’t do to save his little pal and we were overjoyed to have been able to help him pay for Khaki’s surgery!