Jackson J

Meet FACE Success Story “Jackson!” Jackson is a gorgeous Labradoodle who has been the light of his “mom’s” life ever since she brought him home at just 6 weeks old. Now retired, Jackson’s mom relies on financial assistance to make ends meet. One day, Jackson and mom were on their daily walk when he escaped from her grasp and ran into the street, where he was tragically hit by a car. Jackson’s vet confirmed he had a broken leg and would need surgery in order to have a certain level of quality of life met. Jackson’s mom was heartbroken, she knew that if she didn’t find some way to pay for his surgery Jackson would have to be put to sleep, and he was still so young with many years of love to give. She just didn’t see how she would ever find the funds she needed in time. Fortunately, Pet Emergency & Specialty Center told her to contact FACE and we were able to step in from there. Jackson had the surgery covered thanks to the generous donors of the FACE Foundation!