Meet Firsties! This handsome Chihuahua took a bad spill when he wiggled right out of his owner’s arms and ended up breaking one of his tiny legs. His “mom,” a single woman working two jobs to make ends meet, was so sad when she realized she wouldn’t be able to afford Firsties’ emergency surgery. Firsties came into her life unexpectedly, and she fell in love with him right away. The thought of losing him was heartbreaking. She reached out to as many friends and family members she could in an effort to raise the money for his surgery, but it wasn’t enough to cover the full cost. Luckily, Bodhi Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital referred her to FACE, who with their help was able to assist with Firsties’ surgery. Special thanks to FACE Life Sponsor Bodhi Veterinary Clinic for helping to save Firsties.