Someone needs to remind Dunston that he’s a cute bundle of puppy fur, not a cat who lands on its feet from almost any height. Dunston is a Shih Tzu who was only a four month old, seven pound puppy when he was being cuddled in his human mom’s arms. Then he saw Jamar, his human dad, on his way to the car to leave home and Dunston decided he wanted to go as well. Unfortunately, he decided to jump from Julie’s arms to the floor. This was described by Jamar as ‘a superman-like leap out of Julie’s arms’. Unlike a cat, however,Dunston didn’t land on his feet and the result was a broken elbow. 

Off to the vet where Julie and Jamar were informed that the break in the elbow extended through the growth plate so surgery would be necessary in order that the break heal appropriately. The prognosis was generally very good following leg screw fixation. The estimate of cost was high. Julie and Jamar moved to San Diego to begin a new life after facing significant financial challenges including loss of jobs, student loans, rent, health insurance costs, and so on. They sought various forms of financial assistance and then turned to FACE.

A little more than two months have passed since his surgery and we are pleased to tell you that Dunston is well on the way to recovery. He has full range of motion now in his elbow. Dunston is a very lovable dog and loves people. In fact, Jamar describes him as a little boy in the puppy’s body! He loves to play hide and seek and he loves his trips to the park. Chasing balls is great fun. His mom and dad describe him as follows. ‘Dunston is an incredible little guy with tons of personality and joy to boot! He is the quintessential companion.’