“Doom is not ready to cross the rainbow bridge, and I am committed to getting him back to health.”

Doom is an alert and playful 3-year old kitty who ended up in the hospital when his “mom” noticed he was struggling in the litterbox. After a visit to the vet, they diagnosed Doom with obstipation, a blockage in the colon. He spent 5 days in the hospital, and they gave medication when released. However, laxatives and diet changes weren’t working, and Doom wasn’t responding to treatments, leading him back to the vet. The vets had to remove a portion of his colon to save him. Between the prior treatments and the surgery, Doom’s mom didn’t have the money for his procedure. Although grim, Doom’s mom didn’t give up on him, and received help from her family. However, her resources were running thin, and she needed to find a more immediate solution.

Luckily, the hospital referred her to FACE. Thanks our Life Sponsor Ruggable and the vets at A Cat’s View Veterinary Hospital, Doom was able to receive the life-saving assistance that he needed!