This adorable Golden Retriever is “Dilly!” Dilly has been a vital part of her family for over 7 years. One day, poor Dilly started throwing up and was not acting like herself. After a few days of more symptoms and her still not being able to eat, her family took her to the vet. Dilly was diagnosed with having Pyometra. This is an infection of the uterus that is common with females that are never spayed. Without emergency surgery to remove her uterus, Dilly would eventually go into shock and would pass on. Her family was devastated at the news and they knew they did not have the kind of money that was needed for the hospital to perform Dilly’s surgery. The family’s only source of income was Dilly’s “mom’s” job as a high school teacher. Dilly’s “dad” was unemployed at the time and did building projects here and there for extra cash. Luckily, CVS Murrieta told them about FACE and at once their hope was restored. FACE heard about this very treatable medical condition and we knew we couldn’t let this family put down their family member just because they didn’t have the funds. Dilly was saved and she gets to enjoy the love of her family for the rest of her days!