Dexter B.

Last March, an adorable little Maltipoo named “Dexter” was in desperate need of a helping hand. Dexter was tragically hit by a car after he snuck out of the house and his two front legs were in bad shape. One of his little paws needed emergency care and grafting for a degloving injury. Dexter’s “mom” was a working, full-time student who relied on her mother’s support to make ends meet. She was in disbelief when she was told how much it would cost to get Dexter his life-saving treatment. Without this urgent medical attention, Dexter would have to be put down because he was just in too much pain. Dexter’s mom reached out to FACE and said, “Dexter is my life and I am begging you to help me save his.” Thankfully, FACE was able to grant Dexter’s family the funds they needed to save their beloved boy’s life!