Meet Cherub! After over a year of having serious bladder issues, Cherub was finally diagnosed with bladder stones and needed them removed fast to survive. Because of this ongoing problem, Cherub’s loving owner was tapped out and could not afford the entire cost of Cherub’s cystotomy: the surgery needed to remove the bladder stones. Thankfully, she was referred to FACE and was able to get help for Cherub’s emergency treatment. 

In a letter to FACE, Cherub’s owner wrote:

‘Your organization truly gave me the best gift of all in that you literally saved my baby’s life. And for that I will thank and love all of you from your wonderful organization from the very bottom of my heart forever. It is the best feeling in the world to have Cherub now home with me every night to sleep with me on my bed and to have him to cuddle with me. And believe me he loves to cuddle and cannot stand to ever be apart from me. He truly is an ‘Angel’ that I love so much and that is exactly how he got his name..there are no words that can describe to you how grateful I am to your entire organization for saving my baby’s life and for giving me back the love of my life.’