Charlie T.

This FACE Success Story was made possible by The Grey Muzzle Organization.

“Charlie” is a handsome Poodle mix who has been a part of his family for the last ten years! He was just a pup when he was brought into their home and has grown up with his fourteen-year-old human brother. Charlie’s human mom was a single parent who was going through rough times when he swallowed something that blocked his intestines and required emergency surgery to be removed. His “mom” was going through a divorce, only had part-time hours with her job as a dental assistant, and was struggling to pay off student loans-there was no way she could afford to save her furry son. Seeing her heartbroken with nowhere to turn to for help, Save-A-Life partner California Veterinary Specialists reached out to the FACE Foundation to see if we could save this family from a tragic situation. Thankfully, FACE had the funding to pay for Charlie’s life-saving surgery!