Bubba S.

Bubba has been attached to his “mom” all of his life because, as she puts it, “Bubba and I have been together literally from the minute he was born.” Bubba is quite the character, he makes his mom laugh with his shenanigans and never fails to wrap himself around her legs when she gets home from work. Bubba’s mom panicked when he came home limping one night and collapsed onto the floor. Her fears were realized when she took him to the vet and they discovered he had a major fracture in his little leg. After bandaging and doing everything she could to help Bubba, things grew worse and it was decided he needed to have his leg amputated! Her income as a preschool teacher was not enough to pay for the surgery Bubba desperately needed. She turned to FACE and prayed we would be able to save him. Luckily, FACE and Melrose Veterinary Hospital worked together to ensure Bubba would always be at his momma’s side!