Meet Bertrum! This laid back little guy can have a wild side and that is precisely what got him into trouble. One day, Bertrum returned home after escaping from the house for a stroll and his “mom” noticed a cut on his back leg and brought him to the hospital. She thought he may need stitches, she did not anticipate the news that Bertrum had a fracture and needed an expensive surgery immediately. Bertrum’s mom is a single mother of a nine-year-old daughter. She receives no child support and is unemployed. A friend was letting them stay at her place, rent-free, in exchange for child care services. She reached out to FACE for help and explained how she and her daughter witnessed Bertrum being born. “The bond between the two of them was apparent very early on,” she wrote. “I decided they belonged together and I had to let him be part of her life.” FACE had recently received a grant from Lil Bubs Big Fund with ASPCA and we were glad to be able to help keep this family together. Bertrum received his surgery with Veterinary Specialty Hospital and is back to being the silly cat that his family loves so much.

Bertrum after