Baby is a tiny two year old Yorkie mix who is adored by her “mom,” Sheryl. One day after Baby was in the yard, Sheryl went to give her a warm bath. While bathing her, she noticed a large bleeding gash near her chest which she had never seen before. After rushing Baby to their local veterinary clinic, Sheryl was faced with an unexpected dilemma: Baby needed a life-saving emergency surgery. Baby had somehow punctured her chest almost to the lung and surgery was needed to save her life. This heartbreaking news came after Sheryl had just put another family member in the hospital, which sadly drained her financially. Sheryl was living on Social Security Income and Food Stamps at the time, which were just enough to get her and Baby by. An expensive emergency surgery wasn’t feasible for her. Just as she was losing hope, her veterinarian recommended she reach out to FACE. FACE was able to approve her application for assistance and help get Baby the treatment she so desperately needed. Thanks to the help from our donors and veterinary partners, FACE is able to help give pets like Baby a second chance at life.