Preventive Veterinary Care Keeps Your Pet Healthy

Cat at Vet

Regular veterinary checkups play an important role in maintaining your pet’s good health. Veterinarians are urging pet owners to make sure that yearly wellness exams are a part of every dog and cat’s routine.

Growing rates of pet obesity and other preventable pet health problems such as tooth and gum issues, heartworm, fleas and ticks, and viruses and intestinal parasites are a concern to veterinarians. Vets are also interested in making sure that your pet gets spayed or neutered, microchipped, and screened for cancer and genetic diseases.

PreventCare Dog

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation has formed “Partners for Healthy Pets,” a collaborative alliance of over 100 veterinary associations, working together to ensure that your pet lives a long and healthy life through regular preventive care.

Partners for Healthy Pets has created a user-friendly website for pet owners to learn about the importance of regular vet visits, what your vet will look for in both dogs and cats, questions to ask your vet about your dog or cat’s health through every stage of its life, and facts about pet nutrition and fitness. You can even register your pet for an annual checkup reminder and find a veterinarian near you.

Check out the Partners for Healthy Pets website to learn more, so you can take good care of your best friend!