Who Qualifies for FACE Funding?

  • FACE provides financial grants for pets in need of emergency veterinary care.
  • Pets must have been seen by a veterinarian and diagnosed with an immediately life-threatening condition.
  • Pets must have a good prognosis with treatment.
  • FACE can only provide assistance to pet owners residing in San Diego County.
  • Please note that FACE cannot provide assistance for:
    • Initial exam/consultation fees
    • Routine or non-emergency care (i.e. ligament tears, etc.)
    • Diagnostic tests (i.e. bloodwork, x-rays, etc.)
    • Services or treatment completed prior to FACE approval
    • Conditions requiring ongoing treatment (i.e. diabetes, etc.)
    • Conditions with a poor or guarded prognosis (i.e. parvo, kidney failure, etc.)

How Do I Apply?

ALL of the following must be submitted:

  1. A Request for Financial Assistance form.
    • Pet owners living in San Diego County may use our *online application* >>> (IF APPLYING ONLINE, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THE FOLLOW UP EMAIL SENT TO YOU BY FACE!) or download the RFA FORM (clic aquí para el formulario de solicitud en Español)
    • The treating hospital must complete the boxed portion of the RFA underneath the owner’s signature
  2. A treatment estimate from the treating veterinary hospital.
  3. Complete medical records, including x-rays when applicable, from the treating veterinary hospital.
  4. Care Credit application results from all adults in the home (apply at or at your veterinary hospital).
  5. Proof of financial hardship for all adults in the household:
    • Screenshot or documentation of CURRENT available balances for both checking and savings accounts (if applicable)
    • 1-month of current bank transactions (most recent, if applicable)
    • IF pet owner(s) do not have bank accounts, other acceptable forms of income include:
      • 1040 tax form
      • Social Security Income (if applicable)
      • Unemployment or government assistance paperwork (if applicable)
  6. Cute photos/videos of your pet.
  7. Link to GoFundMe campaign (start one at All funds raised through GoFundMe or other will be used towards your pet’s treatment. For tips on creating a successful fundraising campaign, click here.

Documents and images can be faxed to (858) 457-3223 or emailed to [email protected]. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

AFTER HOURS: If you are applying after 5PM or on weekends, all paperwork must be emailed, as we do not have access to faxes after-hours.

Once your complete application is received, please CHECK YOUR EMAIL. FACE will notify both the pet owner and treating veterinarian of approval or denial once a complete application is received. Please note that FACE cannot always provide funding for the entire cost of the procedure, so we recommend reaching out to other organizations, family, and friends to secure additional donations for your pet. For a list of helpful resources, click here.

Click here to watch our “How to Apply” video!

Notes on Receiving FACE Funding

Terms and Conditions:

  • All animals that receive FACE funding must be spayed or neutered. If an animal is not already spayed/neutered, it will be spayed/neutered at the time of the procedure. If this cannot be performed at the time of treatment, the owner will agree to have their animal spay/neutered within a set time frame (based on the animal’s health). This will be performed at the owner’s expense and is not covered by the initial grant.
  • Orthopedic surgeries must be done by a board-certified surgeon.
  • Funds are paid directly to the treating veterinary hospital/clinic.
  • Veterinarians who partner with FACE must provide a 25% discount for FACE cases.
  • Recipients of FACE funding agree to allow FACE to use their story, photos, and video.
  • Recipients are asked to do whatever possible to help FACE save other family pets. This includes volunteering and participating in special events.
  • FACE strongly encourages all grantees to consider pet insurance. Embrace Pet Insurance will provide a 10% discount off of policy premiums if you mention FACE.