Thank you for your inquiry. To complete your application, all of the following must be submitted*:

  1. A Request for Financial Assistance form (the treating hospital must complete the boxed “Hospital Use Only” portion of the RFA FORM).
  2. A treatment estimate.
  3. Complete medical records, including x-rays when applicable.
  4. Care Credit application results for all adults in the household (Apply at or at your veterinary hospital. Please take a screenshot photo, photo, or print results to submit to FACE). If your vet accepts Scratch Pay, we will need those results as well.
  5. Proof of financial hardship for all adults in the household, including but not limited to:
    • Most recent bank statement (current month)
    • Current checking and savings balances (can send screenshots)
    • Current available credit limits (can send screenshots)
    • IF pet owners do not have bank statements, other proof of income might include: Social Security Income, 1040 Tax Return, unemployment or government assistance paperwork (if applicable)
  6. Photos of your pet.
  7. Link to GoFundMe campaign (start one at All funds raised through GoFundMe or other will be used towards your pet’s treatment. For tips on creating a successful fundraising campaign, click here.

*Documents and images can be emailed to [email protected].

AFTER HOURS: If you are applying after 5PM or on weekends and your pet is experiencing an emergency that cannot wait until the following business day, all paperwork must be emailed, as we do not have access to faxes after-hours.

Once your complete application is received, FACE will then notify both the pet owner and treating veterinarian of approval or denial. Please note that FACE cannot always provide funding for the entire cost of the procedure, so we recommend reaching out to other organizations, family, and friends to secure additional donations for your pet. For a list of helpful resources, click here.