Stephanie Coolidge

Stephanie relocated from Portland, OR to San Diego and immediately began working for La Jolla Veterinary Hospital in 2006. She left her position as Hospital Director in 2021 to join The FACE Foundation. She also founded Paws and Pints La Jolla, a fundraiser in La Jolla that raised over $100,000 for FACE and Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS).

Stephanie surprisingly found her calling in the animal-care industry at La Jolla Veterinary Hospital when she discovered a passion for applying her background in hospitality and business management to the veterinary field. She loves people just as much as animals and cares deeply  about her community partnerships through FACE.

Stephanie’s background outside of the animal and veterinary industry has facilitated a fresh approach to both the care of patients in a veterinary practice setting and with her clients as well as community relationships. She eagerly implemented a very technologically progressive culture within her veterinary practice by utilizing client communication technology that is well beyond the expectations of technological standards in the vetmed industry. She believes the key to a successful business, non-profit or for-profit, is hosting an ultra-compassionate environment with patients and placing the staff above all other business assets. Her belief that the employees should be the number one priority of a business allows her employees to host a positive and calm experience for clients and furry family members while maximizing a team’s focus and business-related productivity.

Stephanie’s partner and their daughter have two rescue dogs named “Broccoli” and “Piggie” and a young Labrador named “Dave.” She is also a huge supporter of RCHS, enjoys fostering kittens for local rescue groups, is passionate about homeless outreach and volunteers in lower income towns across the AZ/CA-Mexico border.