Karla Rodriguez Garcia Social Media Marketing Intern

Karla Rodriguez Garcia

Karla is a student at San Diego State University pursuing a bachelor’s in business administration and management. She will be working with FACE Foundation as a Social Media Marketing Intern. She will be helping with our social media pages and blogs. Karla is excited to work with FACE because she believes in our mission.

Karla has always been an animal lover. But her love for animals and animal welfare grew when she adopted her dog Marley in 2017. Before adopting Marley, she knew that she wanted a dog from a shelter so that she could provide a home to a dog that needed it and support an organization that shared her values. In her search for Marley, Karla visited several animal shelters across San Diego and was heartbroken to find so many pets without a home. Since then, Karla has become an advocate for pet adoption and animal welfare. So, when she found FACE needed an intern, she was excited to apply. In her free time Karla enjoys hanging out with her dog, going on hikes, and enjoying the beach.

Karla says, “FACE is an amazing organization, and it does so much more than what it is primarily known for. I am proud to be a part of an organization that does so much for our community and for animal welfare.”