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Christine Spencer

Christine Spencer is a native of Southern California and has lived in San Diego most of her life. She has worked in almost every area of non-profit fundraising for over 14 years. Christine received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Texas Christian University. While working for a senator in Washington D.C. she developed a passion to help those less fortunate in their communities leading her to receive a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Colorado-Denver. She has worked for recognized non-profit organizations such as Phoenix Children’s Hospital, UC San Diego and Feeding San Diego and is excited to bring her skills and experience to the FACE Foundation.

She grew up with various animals including a rabbit, a dog, a bird, a cat, a rat and even a hermit crab! Christine and her husband have two sons, a dog named Jack Jack and a yellow-bellied slider named Bumblebee. She brings a love of building relationships with donors and a passion for animals to her role at FACE.

“As a pet owner myself, I understand the love and the special relationship you have with your pet. They are a part of your family and to lose that family member due to an inability to pay for a health procedure, is heartbreaking. Financial ability should not be the reason to lose that furry family member.”