Frisco M.

“Frisco” is a gentle Chihuahua/Pitbull mix who has been with this family since he was a tiny puppy. 4 years later, Frisco and his doggy brother escaped from their house and Frisco was tragically hit by a car. He was then picked up by animal control and when his “mom” found him there she was devastated to see his injuries. These injuries needed to be treated immediately or the most humane option would be to put him to sleep, as Frisco was in a lot of pain. Both adults worked multiple jobs to keep their finances afloat but they had absolutely no disposable income that could be spent on this treatment. Not wanting to give up on him, Frisco’s parents scoured local organizations for help and heard about FACE from Save-A-Life partner Plaza Boulevard Pet Hospital. As luck would have it, FACE had the support of Life Sponsor Schubach Aviation and we were able to help this family pay for Frisco’s surgery so he could return home as he recovered from this traumatic experience. His family was relieved and grateful that FACE was there to save them from making a heart breaking decision. Donate today to help save the lives of pets like Frisco!